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Team Webfoot is a not for hire group that enjoys all of what the outdoors has to offer. Team WebFoot is a group of guys that enjoy friendship in the field while pursuing the waterfowl throughout Canada and the United States. In the beginning it was a couple of guys with a couple of dozen decoys and alot of energy. After meeting some new friends and pooling some money together, we have been able to grow our spread to fill a 14 foot trailer and then some. As time went on we were able to develope some very close friendships with farmers near and far. We help with the farm work and enjoy drinks and meals together on many occasions. We owe these farmers alot for what they provide to us and we are glad to pay them back with some blood and sweat. We hunt together, travel together, and enjoy all that friendship has to offer. From the members of Team WebFoot we would like to say thankyou.